Welcome to Cygnus

Cygnus Medicare, formed by a group of highly skilled Doctors in 2011, is an upcoming chain of super speciality hospitals that is slowly starting to spread its wings throughout north India. With our focus on super speciality surgeries, we aim at taking this facility to areas in the country where this facility is scarce. With an experienced and compassionate technical staff, we provide care and affection to our patients along with the best medical care, with the help of leading technology available in healthcare.

Cygnus Medicare has created a niche for itself in a short span of time both within the medical fraternity as well as the patients by acquiring seven state-of-the-art Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi and Haryana. We are proud to create a team of highly skilled & experienced doctors who share the passion with the core team of providing the highest quality care in tier III cities of Haryana. The latest technologies along with our highly qualified doctors ensure best possible care to our patients of these cities.

Our Hospitals have become their destination of choice in both the emergency & elective procedures. Our effort is to develop institutes for specialized surgeries like Joint Replacement, Neuro & Spine Surgeries, Trauma Surgeries, Minimal Access Surgery, Urology, Advanced Ophthalmology, Advanced ENT, and Fertility in the backdrop of Intensive Care environment of International Standards.

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